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The Polish brand Trefl is a strong mid-level brand. Their puzzles have a standard network cut with essential matrix piece shapes. The pieces are a little on the little size however nearly as thick as Ravensburger with strong sponsorship and no fraying. The picture proliferation is superb. The non-intelligent covering is likewise an or more. The complete is consistent yet doesn't lay as level as it may. The cases are fundamental and contain only the pack of pieces. As far as their picture index, they convey a decent number of puzzles. On the off chance that you like photographic scenes, cityscapes, or arrangement puzzles, you'll likely discover something to add to your list of things to get from the Trefl mark. They don't convey any authorized pictures, "puzzle in addition to" sort puzzles, or occasion pictures and just have a couple puzzles in the outline, dream, and compelling artwork classes. Be that as it may, they do offer some bigger 3000 and 4000 piece number puzzles.