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Puzzle games

Play puzzle games online for free!

If you don’t want to create your own personalised jigsaw puzzle, take a look at the various puzzle games we have to offer that you can play online for free. On our website you will find online jigsaws, easy or hard crossword puzzles and word puzzles to provide you with hours of entertainment.

So if you would like to try playing our online games, just click on one of the games below and follow the instructions to get started playing free puzzle games online.


Online puzzle games are great if you like to spend time sorting and arranging puzzle pieces to form an image of your choice, or if you enjoy solving crossword puzzles. Word puzzle games help to develop your brain, plus you learn new things and sharpen your mind.

Our online jigsaw puzzle games have different difficulty levels, so you are sure to find puzzles that are suitable for both kids and adults alike! Fun and free online puzzle games will keep you and your kids entertained.

Select the difficulty level that suits you with our online games, and try to beat your previously set time. If you play our online jigsaw puzzle game you can even use one of your own images and choose the number of pieces you want to assemble. It’s so simple – just drag and drop your picture directly onto the puzzle surface, shuffle the pieces, and start solving the jigsaw puzzle online!

Word puzzles will challenge you to find words hidden in a jumble of letters. The words can be written vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Once you have found all the words and completed the puzzle, play again and try to beat your previous time!